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June 23

Annie Brookman-Byrne

Annie Brookman-Byrne is a PhD Student at Birkbeck, University of London. Follow Annie on Twitter @abrookmanbyrne. 

June 20

Megan A. Smith

Megan A. Smith is an Assistant Professor at Rhode Island College. Follow Megan on Twitter @DrSmithRIC

May 22

Emily Speed

Emily Speed is a PhD Student at Utah State University. Follow Emily @vivalaveloz.

May 19

Kyle Nolla

Kyle Nolla is a PhD student at Northwestern University. Follow Kyle @kylenolla (for research) and @drpiggyphd (for everything else).

March 16

Sue Fletcher-Watson

Sue Fletcher-Watson is a Research Fellow at University of Edinburgh in Psychology. Follow Sue on Twitter @suereviews

March 14

Debbie Yee

Debbie Yee is a PhD Student at Washington University in St. Louis in Psychological and Brain sciences. Follow her science @DebYee29.

March 12

Tabitha Moses

Tabitha Moses is a MD/PhD Student at Wayne State University. Follow her science on Twitter at @back2brains.