Monthly Archives: May 2017

May 29

Shannon Pelini

Shannon Pelini is an Assistant Professor at Bowling Green State University. Follow Shannon on Twitter @PeliniLab.

May 26

Lora V Angelova

Lora V Angelova is a conservation scientist at the National Archives.

May 22

Miriam Goodman

Miriam Goodman is a Professor at Stanford University. Follow Miriam @wormsense.

May 22

Emily Speed

Emily Speed is a PhD Student at Utah State University. Follow Emily @vivalaveloz.

May 19

Amy Loriaux

Amy Loriaux is a Postdoctoral Fellow at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Follow Amy @rhymeswithoreo.

May 19

Kyle Nolla

Kyle Nolla is a PhD student at Northwestern University. Follow Kyle @kylenolla (for research) and @drpiggyphd (for everything else).

May 15

Maureen Berg

Maureen Berg is a PhD student at UC Berkeley. Follow Maureen @MaureenBug

May 12

Hanna Isotalus

Hanna Isotalus is a PhD student at the University of Bristol. Follow Hanna @hisotalus

May 08

Dominique Simmons

Dominique Simons is an Applied Research Scientist at Dimensional Mechanics. Follow Dominique on Twitter @artsci00