January 02

Welcome to the Broad Inquiry!


Welcome to the broad inquiry project. This project was conceived by a female scientist who was inspired to feature more women in STEM in a systematic and centralized manner. For this project, we will feature STEM profiles and Q&As by women scientists from all over the globe on  bi-weekly and monthly basis. We aspire for this blog to become a collection of narratives of how women move through their career in STEM and academia, share some great scientific discoveries (and failures!), and also humanize the the individuals behind the science. We hope that this repository will inspire everyone (yes men and other non-conforming genders, that includes you!) to be excited about empowering women in STEM fields and fostering inclusive cultures in science, tech, engineering and math.

The blog is currently maintained by myself and my fellow neuroscientist friend Debbie Yee [website] [broad inquiry].

If you are interested in being profiled, please fill out this google form.
If you would like to nominate someone to be profiled, please nominate them here.

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